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Axe Pulse Deodorant 150 ML

Axe Pulse Deodorant 150 ML
₹192 ₹210
Product ID : 816
B24SIN : BAH-FAD-MEN-0005-01
Product Unit : 150 ml
Category : Men's Deodorants
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Min Order Limit : 1

Be the one that inspires everyone around. We pride ourselves as the creators of irresistible and amazing fragrances. Axe fragrances not only smell good but also keep you fresh and confident. Live it up and make this world your own. Be the man who stops at nothing while setting benchmarks for others. Engineered for the man who leads from the front, Axe Pulse body spray will make you irresistible. Take the world by storm with a unique fragrance by Axe that will have everyone turning your direction. Be the man who sets every pulse racing and make your presence known wherever you go. Let your fragrance set the tone for the perfect start of the day and a wild night of partying to the after party and until the crack of dawn. The mesmerizing fragrance of the Axe Pulse deodorant is bound to leave everyone awe-stuck. A fragrance crafted to ensure you’re always the center of attention, wherever you go. The masculine and citrus scent keeps you refreshed and confident throughout the day. This fragrance complements your moves with a refreshing and luxurious aura. To sum it up, Axe Pulse is the perfect way to be the one who everyone remembers.

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