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Masoor Dal Black 500 Gram

Masoor Dal Black 500 Gram
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People might not frequently hear about the health benefits of Kali Masoor Dal. But many people might hear the benefit of consuming red lentils. Apparently, Kali Masoor Dal is a Punjab name for the red lentils. Therefore, they both are the same kind of meal and bring the same way of benefit. Cooking Kali Masoor Dal also quite simple. Easily boil this red lentil for several minutes until it is soft. After that, it can combine with various way of cooking. The most favorite way to cook this lentil is through making it as a soup. Therefore, Kali Masoor Dal also well known as red lentils soup. Furthermore, this is one of the must have meal in the Indian kitchen. Therefore, it is common to consume the meal every day in India. In each portion of Kali Masoor Dal can contain various nutrients. It is mostly will contain 230 calories with 15gr of dietary fiber and 17gr of protein. Furthermore, it also contains various nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, calcium, potassium and many more. Therefore, it is absolutely brings benefit to the health. For a more brief explanation, below are several health benefits of Kali Masoor Dal.

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