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Saffola Honey 500 Gram

Saffola Honey 500 Gram
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Product ID : 1056
B24SIN : SBF-SSK-HON-0001-03
Product Unit : 500 Gram
Category : Honey
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Discover the taste of purity in every drop of Saffola Honey! Every batch of Saffola Honey is tested using the most advanced NMR Test (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) in one of the best-in-class German laboratories to ensure that it is pure, free from any form of adulteration and with no added sugar. From the beehives to the pack, Saffola Honey goes through 60+ quality checks & passes through multiple filtration stages to remove impurities. Drizzle the deliciousness of Saffola Honey on your rotis, toast, pancakes, in cereal or swirl some of this honey in your cup of green tea/coffee for everyday health.

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