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Pears Shower Gel Pure & Gentle 250 ML
Shower Gel And Body Wash
Pears Shower Gel Pure & Gentle 250 ML
Did you know that glycerine is one of the well-known ingredients, that helps preserve the natural moisture of your skin? Pears Pure & Gentle Body Wash with 98% pure glycerine is known to hydrate and moisturise , for a glowing skin. Pears Pure & Gentle Body Wash, also has natural oils and gentle cleansers, that leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised. It's formula is 100% soap free, yet it cleanses your skin thoroughly, leaving it feeling refreshed. It has a pleasant, soothing and refreshing fragrance too. Pears Body Wash can also be used as a handwash, it removes 99.9% germs (as per lab test done in 2020 on select germs) Try Pears Pure & Gentle Body Wash 1) With 98% pure glycerine 2) 100% Soap Free 3) Gentle enough for daily use even on delicate skin 4) Dermatologically Tested Pears Pure & Gentle Body Wash is easy to use: 1) Squeeze a small amount of Pears Body Wash on a wet loofah. 2) Work into rich bubbly lather. 3) Apply thoroughly and gently over wet skin and then rinse off and Pat dry. Experience skin that feels soft, smooth and glowing.
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